Help evaluate new dermatology treatments

If you are living with a dermatology condition affecting your skin, hair, or nails, participating in a clinical research study may be an option.

Many conditions like eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, and scleroderma lack treatments that work for every patient. ICON matches patients with studies for these and many other conditions at no cost for patients.

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Advancing science together

Since our founding in 1990, ICON's mission has been to help accelerate the development of drugs and devices that save lives and improve quality of life.

We work with doctors, researchers and patients around the world. Together, we can help find therapies to prevent and treat conditions and diseases.

Whether you want to access investigational medications for your medical condition or volunteer to make a difference, there may be a place for you in clinical research with ICON.

Benefits of participating in a clinical research study:



Chance to access otherwise unavailable investigational medications that may be an option for your condition


Receive close study-related care and monitoring by a study doctor at no cost


Help develop new treatments and make a positive impact on the health of patients


Receive reimbursement for your time and travel costs


Am I eligible to participate in clinical research studies?

ICON supports many types of research studies, including those for patients with specific medical conditions and others for healthy volunteers. When you sign up with ICON to match with current or future studies, our clinical research specialists will collect high-level medical information from you to determine your eligibility for individual studies.

What to Expect

When you sign up for the free ICON Study Match program, clinical research specialists will review your information and inform you of studies you may be eligible for. When we find a match, ICON or the local study doctor's office may contact you for further screening. You may also be invited to complete surveys or participate in focus groups.

When you enroll in a study, you will learn study details, have a chance to ask questions, and be asked to provide written, informed consent. Every study has different requirements, including how and where you receive care and how many and how long study visits will be. All study participants receive regular study-related medical attention and are closely observed for safety concerns.